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Winter Backcountry Safety Fundamentals

The FWAC Winter Backcountry Safety Fundamentals course offers a quick, free, and easy way to gain important knowledge about avalanches and how to recreate in the backcountry during the winter. The course covers basics of avalanche safety and how you can apply it to your adventures.

At the end of the course you can print you certificate to show that you've successfully completed the course.

Winter Backcountry Safety Fundamentals

Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes
Category: Avalanche

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About FWAC Cøurses

As a leader in developing user-friendly products and services for the public, with an emphasis on the backcountry, FWAC has created an online platform to offer FREE training and education. Topics include wildfire education, winter backcountry safety, avalanche training, and more.

Our winter and avalanche safety course materials are based on solid science and practice by professionals, specifically including information from International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW) and other snow workshop proceedings and research, advanced college education, avalanche training, and expert personal experience.

Our wildfire course materials are based on years of wildfire research, government recommendations, and other wildfire safety resources. Several of these sources include NOAA, Ready.gov, U.S. Forest Service, and more. With FWAC being a leader in wildfire mapping, we also include our own scientific research and recommendations.

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